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Write in Ras Omari for City Council

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November 7th, 2017


Who is Ras Omari?

Ras Omari, affectionately known as el Padre, is a multi-dimensional creative entrepreneur living Downtown Bridgeport. Born in London, England, Ras moved to the Bridgeport 23 years ago with his mother, a single parent and lifelong educator in the public school system.

Growing up in Bridgeport, Omari got the rare opportunity to experience both sides of the educational divide, first going to Hallen, Wilbur Cross, and John Winthrop before being bussed to Staples High School in Westport. During these formative years, Omari nurtured his love for recording, film and web development but went to school to become an engineer instead. 

After earning his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Omari decided to further his business education with a Master’s in Marketing and Technology Innovation. In 2010, Omari went on to work for Verizon, in their Network Leadership Development program as an engineering project manager while moonlighting as a photographer and videographer.

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Feeling unfulfilled and stifled by the career path he'd chosen, Ras dropped out of Corporate America and moved back to Bridgeport in 2014 with his wife and newborn son to find his way - embarking on a journey of self-discovery and entrepreneurship. 

Today he's the Founder and Director of Vizier Media, a digital marketing consultancy specializing in Thought Development, Creative Direction and Content Engineering. He is a dedicated father and husband to his wife, Juliana, and their two children Shiloh and Kaya.


Why are you Running for City Council?

Since moving back to Bridgeport I've held a firm belief that there are hidden gems in this city waiting to be uncovered. I've watched the political narrative unfold from behind the lens of my camera and opted to keep myself away from the mess and drama of politics.

Last month I stopped in at the City Council Candidate Forum at the Bijou hoping to get some insight into some of our city's issues and left uninspired by the dialogue and quality of candidates on the stage.

A few weeks later I caught myself asking deeper questions about why the city is and has been run the way it has for so long. After digging deeper into the current issues happening with the budget and development projects Downtown, I knew it was time to step up. Feeling a renewed sense of duty and responsibility to my community I decided to "be the change" and run as a write-in candidate.


I believe this city's turnaround is hinged on a new generation of leaders who are thoughtful, productive and can come up with tangible solutions to this city's problems. 

Politics in Bridgeport doesn't have to mean the same ol same ol. The Write-in Ras campaign is about putting the power back in the hands of the people and side-stepping the machine.

I'm not here for the fighting or the pettiness. I'm here to inform, include and inspire a new generation of artists, entrepreneurs, and bright young professionals to take an active role in the future of the city. 

What now?

This is a short race. With less than 3 weeks to go there's a lot of work to be done and the clock is tickin'. I'm confident that with your support we can create a new dynamic in this city. 

If you would like to get involved fill out the form below or call/text 213 290 2393.

Get Out The Vote


November 7th 6am to 8pm


City Hall / Cesar Batalla School


Write-in Ras Omari (Line 8E)


How can I Donate?

If you don't live in this district but would like to support this campaign - click the link below to make a donation. Your contribution is deeply appreciated!


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